Sam Blackburn

Sam Blackburn is Probity’s Chief of Forensics, and the lead developer of Truxton, an automated, scalable rethinking of the forensic process. Mr. Blackburn has 25 years of experience developing software for the Intelligence Community, specializing in solving big data problems, automating intelligence analysis, and creating cross-platforms. Before his time in the IC, he spent 6 years in the USAF.

Andy Cobb

Dr. Cobb is the CEO of One Source Discovery, a full service Digital Forensics firm. He developed the strict procedures used during forensic collections and analysis to ensure accuracy, verifiability and repeatability. Dr. Cobb is the creator the patented BlackBox remote forensic collection software tool. Prior to his position at One Source Discovery, he was the founder and President/CEO of AC Forensics and Assistant Professor at the University of Louisville. Dr. Cobb has served as a consultant on hundreds of Electronic Discovery matters, provided expert testimony on various Digital Forensics matters in Federal and State Courts, given several talks and CLE's related and published numerous technology journal articles.

Derrick Donnelly - Chief Scientist

Derrick Donnelly currently serves as the Chief Scientist of BlackBag Technologies, a leading provider of multi-platform forensic software and hardware solutions. Derrick was a regular instructor for the FBI Computer Analysis and Response Team (CART) for over 8 years and has taught numerous other international, federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies around the World. Derrick has completed analysis and given testimony in connection with Federal and state criminal and civil cases.

James Habben

James Habben is a consultant where he provides security guidance, incident response management, and breach investigations for companies large and small.

Chet Hosmer

Chet Hosmer is the Founder of Python Forensics, Inc. a non-profit organization focused on the collaborative development of open source investigative technologies using the Python programming language. Chet has been researching and developing technology and training surrounding forensics, digital investigation and steganography for over two decades. He has made numerous appearances to discuss emerging cyber threats including National Public Radio's Kojo Nnamdi show, ABC's Primetime Thursday, NHK Japan, CrimeCrime TechTV and ABC News Australia. He has also been a frequent contributor to technical and news stories relating to cyber security and forensics and has been interviewed and quoted by IEEE, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Government Computer News, Salon.com and Wired Magazine.

Chet is the author of five recent Elsevier/Syngress Books:

  • Passive Python Network Mapping
  • Python Forensics
  • Integrating Python with Leading Computer Forensic Platforms
  • Data Hiding which is co/authored with Mike Raggo
  • Executing Windows Command Line Investigation, which is co/authored with Joshua Bartolomie and Ms. Rosanne Pelli

Chet serves as a visiting professor at Utica College in the Cybersecurity Graduate program where his research and teaching focus on advanced steganography/data hiding methods and the latest active cyber defense methods and techniques. Chet is also an adjunct professor at Champlain College, where his research and teaching focus on applying the Python programming language to solve challenging problems in digital investigation and forensics.

Chet delivers keynote and plenary talks on various cyber security related topics around the world each year. He is also well-known as the Co-Founder of WetStone Technologies, Inc. a renowned cyber security organization developing malware and steganography solutions in use by Law Enforcement, Defense and the Private sector world-wide.

Larry Leibrock

Larry Leibrock has over thirty years of computer security, incident response and digital forensics experience. He has revolved in careers with IT industry, academic research and teaching and US government service. He lives on airplanes and has base camps in Texas, Idaho and wherever.

Joe McManus

Joe McManus is an expert in the field of information security with years of experience in research and industry. Joe leads the network security graduate program at CU’s ITP. He is also a researcher at CERT, part of the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, where he specializes in large scale network monitoring, network forensics and incident response. Working closely with federal law enforcement, he has created tools and techniques for investigation and incident response. Joe spent time in various roles in industry leading advanced R&D teams and enterprise security groups. Joe is the founder of High Storm Security, a security consulting services firm.

Joe has an MS degree from Carnegie Mellon University and a BS degree from the University of Maryland. He is PhD candidate in the ITP program at the University of Colorado at Boulder. He is currently studying IoT security using citizen scientists and machine learning.

Jenni Morse

Jenni Morse currently serves as the Law Enforcement Outreach and Training Coordinator for Operation Underground Railroad. For the past 13 years Jenni was an Assistant District Attorney in Texas. During her career as a prosecutor, Jenni tried felony cases involving Rape, Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Continuous Sexual Abuse of a Child or Children, and Capital Murder as a felony Chief Prosecutor. Her passion and her focus was and is on crimes against children.

Many of Jenni's cases gained media attention. One of those trials, The State of Texas vs. Willie Campbell, made international news with interviews on a Canadian radio station and CNN and was mentioned on the TV show, Franklin and Bash.

Jenni also prosecuted one of the biggest theft rings in Dallas County whose crimes spanned nine jurisdictions and offended over 100 victims through burglaries of homes, storage units, and apartments. One of the victims was a Dallas Cowboy player at the time of the offense.

On a separate child abuse case prosecuted by Jenni, the jury convicted a man and returned the first LIFE verdict on a Continuous Sexual Assault of a Child in Dallas County.

Following a church trip to rural Thailand in 2016 where Jenni learned about and saw child sex trafficking firsthand, she has been passionate about educating about and fighting sex trafficking. Since beginning her work with O.U.R. she has met with top law enforcement officials and prosecutors in countries in the United States, Africa, South America, Latin America and Southeast Asia. These meetings included discussions on international laws relating to sex trafficking, future education for all members of the judicial system and training for law enforcement. She has also presented at the annual Crimes Against Children conference in Dallas, Texas.

Although evil does not only lurk online, Jenni recognizes that sex traffickers will be found lurking on all corners of the internet. She, along with O.U.R., is committed to educating and empowering law enforcement around the world to fight trafficking on the streets and on the web.

Michael Raggo

Michael T. Raggo, Chief Security Officer, 802 Secure (CISSP, NSA-IAM, ACE, CSI) has over 20 years of security research experience. His current focus is wireless IoT threats impacting the enterprise. Michael is the author of “Mobile Data Loss: Threats & Countermeasures” and “Data Hiding: Exposing Concealed Data in Multimedia, Operating Systems, Mobile Devices and Network Protocols” for Syngress Books, and contributing author for “Information Security the Complete Reference 2nd Edition”. A former security trainer, Michael has briefed international defense agencies including the FBI and Pentagon, is a participating member of FSISAC/BITS and PCI, and is a frequent presenter at security conferences, including Black Hat, DEF CON, Gartner, RSA, DoD Cyber Crime, OWASP, HackCon, and SANS.

Amber Schroader

Amber Schroader has been a digital forensic nerd for over two decades. She has led the team at Paraben to many victories and continues to fight for justice. Her current focus on the new frontier of digital evidence in the Forensics of Things-FoE brings a new boundary in digital evidence. She maintains a variety of skills in the digital forensic realm and as domestic arts ninja with gourmet cooking, baking, & BBQ. She has a high probability of survival in a zombie apocalypse.

Kim Thomson

Kim Thomson is a Mobile Device Examiner and Trainer, currently working all over the world training and consulting in digital forensics. He is addicted to all things wireless and trackable. He loves recovering, decoding, and analyzing mobile, wireless, and geolocation artifacts from wherever they may be hiding. Retired SIGINT Soldier. Married 24 years with 3 sons.

David Rathbone

Digital Forensic Analyst (VTO Inc.), Police Officer (Jay Oklahoma Police Department)

Veteran law enforcement officer with significant experience in advanced mobile forensics techniques. Experience with state LE task forces and working in Federal agency digital forensics labs. Assigned to the U.S. DHS digital forensics research programs on Drone Forensics and Damaged Mobile Device Forensics.

Brandon Waters

Magnet Forensics